• CSI NOVA November 2016 - Permeable Pavement Systems
    The program will provide an overview of the design, installation, and maintenance of permeable pavement systems. It will introduce the concepts of permeable pavements, types of system components, and their benefits. Design issues to be discussed will include site location, hydraulic parameters, geotechnical considerations, and structural design parameters. Proper installation of systems, which is essential for their optimum performance and durability, will be highlighted.
  • CSI NOVA October 2016 - Total Passive Fire Protection
    The program will provide an overview of: • Finding materials to fit your system, not the system to fit materials. • General UL testing requirements, procedures, and restrictions. • How materials are to be installed and protected during the construction phase. • Proper product specification, placement, and scheduling
  • CSI NOVA September 2016 - Automatic Entrance Systems in Commercial and Industrial Projects
    The program will provide an overview of automatic door systems typically designed, specified, and installed in commercial and industrial applications, with a primary focus on the most common applications with swinging doors and sliding doors. Automatic door systems can be a jumble of components to architects and specifiers who don’t specialize in this! Will Johnston, from Stanley Access Technologies, will provide an overview of these issues in this program. He will address some basic information for using swing and sliding automatic door systems and their components including activation and safety systems, layout requirements, coordination considerations with other trades, and most basic of all, meeting code requirements for accessibility, egress, and safety.
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